Grandma’s Southern Banana Pudding

I decided to kick off the recipe section of my blog with this recipe because it is one of my all time favorite desert recipes. Anything that my grandma cooks, always makes me feel like I’m at home, and I can taste the love hidden underneath the decadence (and calories lol). So I present toContinue reading “Grandma’s Southern Banana Pudding”

Kadraya’s Top 5 Romance K-Dramas

This was definitely one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make in my life. How can I possibly narrow down my 130+ K-drama watch list to only 5 dramas?! I’m low-key cheating because after this post, I will be doing an “Action-Melodrama” top 5 list (for those who are bitter/aren’t fans of cheesy-romance).Continue reading “Kadraya’s Top 5 Romance K-Dramas”

Munchin’ in the Kitchen

I personally believe that when something tastes good, you don’t just eat it…you MUNCH. This is where my friend Trishon and I will upload our favorite munch and chomp worthy recipes. A little 411 about Trishon…We go WAYYYYY back. I’ve known him since Kindergarten, and everything that this man cooks tastes heavenly. So he hasContinue reading “Munchin’ in the Kitchen”