Bad Time Berry Shortbread

As you all can see, here at From Kadraya With Love, we LOVE desserts. So this recipe is another decadent dessert that we know you’ll enjoy! Submitted by T-Sizzle This recipe is inspired by the song “Bad Time” from Sabrina Carpenter’s third album Singular: Act I. Although this catchy synth pop track really focuses onContinue reading “Bad Time Berry Shortbread”

Kickin’ Kimchi Fried Rice

Submitted by our resident chef, T-Sizzle The flavors in my Kickin’ Kimchi Fried Rice made me instantly think of the song “Kick It” by NCT 127. The song is full of bass and energy and opens with the assertive lines: “Let me introduce you to some new thangs…Bass swing kickin’ like I’m Bruce Lee.” TheContinue reading “Kickin’ Kimchi Fried Rice”

Cool Hot Sweet Honey Sesame Chicken Bites

Submitted by T-Sizzle. *credit to @yankat on YouTube for the video* I call this recipe “Cool Hot Sweet Honey Sesame Chicken Bites” because I feel that the song “Cool Hot Sweet Love” by Red Velvet represents the multifaceted taste and texture of the chicken. There is the “cool“ tang of the vinegar, the “hot” crispyContinue reading “Cool Hot Sweet Honey Sesame Chicken Bites”