Currently Watching (July 2020)

Technically this post is a continuation of my June 2020 drama watch list…but as I mentioned in that post, due to the fact that I chose to watch like 6+ dramas at a time, I was not able to finish all of those dramas before June ended.

So now I present to you guys my July 2020 watch list (which may end up getting longer as the month progress lol)

King: The Eternal Monarch

So before you guys drag me for saying that I honestly don’t like this drama, just know that I tried to give it a chance. When the trailers for this drama first dropped, I was ready and building anticipation for the release. How could I pass up on a drama with Goblin vibes starring Lee Min Ho (who I low-key can’t stand, but is also eye-candy), Kim Go Eun (our beloved Goblin main actress) and Woo Do Hwan (who snatched me in the 2017 drama Save Me).

But from episode 1, I completely lost interest. I wouldn’t say that the plot was boring…but it’s very so confusing from the beginning! I made it to episode 4 (and have not watched past that episode) and I was literally as bored and confused as I was from episode 1. I’m not gonna abandon the drama and add it to the “Skipped” pile yet, because according to my friends, the plot gets better after the 4th episode (ironic).

“Lee Gon (Lee Min-ho), a modern-day Emperor of a Kingdom…, attempts to cross the barrier into an alternate reality where the Republic of Korea exists in the Kingdom’s stead. He comes across detective Jung Tae-eul (Kim Go-eun), whom he recognizes from an identity card he obtained during the turning-point of his childhood, his father’s assassination. Lee Gon’s half uncle, Lee Lim (Lee Jung-jin), who assassinated the previous king, Lee Ho (Lee Gon’s father), is in hiding and assembling armies whilst traversing back and forth between the two parallel worlds.”

Wikipedia Synopsis

See, that sounds like a whole lot of a whole lot…But hey, hopefully it all comes together and this drama turns out to be very well written.

In my defense according to Wikipedia the drama didn’t do so well in Korea and the dramas that do well in Korea vs overseas are usually super GOOD (ie; Goblin, Sky Castle and My Love from Another Star). Wikipedia said that “the series received criticism for its screenplay, directing, editing, and various controversies leading to lower-than-expected domestic popularity in Korea”…. So I don’t know about ya’ll but when I do continue the drama, I’m going in with low expectations. Of course I will be posting my final verdict in a “Snatched or Skipped” post in the near future. Let me know how you guys feel about this one in the comment section or underneath the post on my Instagram.

Oh My Baby

Guys! I love this one, and I haven’t even finished it yet. This drama is definitely cute and light hearted and since there are multiple ships, you can’t help but feel the swoon as you try to figure out which ship is the right one for our main girl!

The plot surrounds our main girl, who is almost 40 and she isn’t currently married or dating anyone, however what she wants the most is to be a mother. Coincidentally she works for a magazine called “The Baby”, which covers everything baby related and is marketed to mothers. Insert an extremely handsome jerk she had a rendezvous with in the past, her divorced and now single-father longtime friend (and possibly ex lover), and a young but quirky and at times dimwitted coworker….and boom you have a DRAMA.

My favorite thing about this drama besides the multiple ships is all of the baby moments/footage. Who doesn’t love cute babies?! Also I think that every side character in this drama contributes well to the plot (including our lead’s mother, one of the ship’s ex wife, the coworkers etc). Unlike the other dramas that I’ve mentioned in this post and the June watch list post, I guarantee I’ll be finishing this one in a timely fashion, because I’m HOOKED.

Strangers From Hell

Of course I had to save the best one for last. So to introduce this drama, I will start by saying that I started this one after the previous 5 dramas I mentioned…but I currently only have the final episode to watch! I literally binged this within 3 days. This drama is BEYOND WILD! This drama is based on a very popular Web-toon and I think the director did a good job with finding a cast that matched the psychotic characters in the Web-toon.

It’s a psychological, murder mystery type drama. There is a whole bunch of serial killers, and the whole cinematography messes with your head, leaves you confused and wanting to see more. The plot surrounds this young guy who moves to Seoul from a small town after getting a job offer, and his girlfriend also lives in Seoul. He struggles to find affordable living until he stumbles upon this shady, rundown, hole in the wall type residence. The only thing good about this place is that the rent is dirt cheap. There he ends up staying in a box size room surrounded by a group of CRAZY serial killers. People start going missing, alley cats are being murdered, he thinks he’s being followed…its a whole lot gurl. The whole drama gives off this creepy, eerie vibe. The darkness during all of the scenes, the OST, the camera angle swtiches….CRAZY.

I was reeled in by the fact the actor Lee Dong Wook turns out to be our main antagonist. Every drama I’ve seen him in, he’s always been a romantic interest, soft spoken and adorable. Admittedly he does have a low-key creepy smile and he’s super pale…but besides that I would’ve never expected him to be casted as a serial killer. But he DELIVERS…he plays the whole “psychopath” role so well. Every time he smiles, it sends chills down my spine! So I highly recommend you watch this drama or tell your friends about it especially if they aren’t into the melodrama/cheesy romance genre. I’ll give ya’ll my final verdict on this drama very soon!

So that wraps up this post. Let me know in the comments below or on my Instagram posts whether you are watching or have seen any of these dramas. Let’s talk about it, spill the tea! Until next time…

From Kadraya, With Love.

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