Currently Watching (June 2020)

It feels like it’s been forever since I uploaded a drama related post. So why not get the ball rolling by telling ya’ll about what I’ve been watching this month! Fun fact, it’s completely impossible for me to be watching only one drama. I must be simultaneously bingeing at least 2 or 3 dramas at a time. I like to call myself a “well-rounded” viewer. Or maybe it’s just because whenever something crazy or heart wrenching happens in one drama, I need to pause and watch something else….

So this month I’ve been watching…

  • Well Intended Love 2 (C-Drama)
  • While You Were Sleeping (K-Drama)
  • Find Yourself (C-Drama)
  • Oh My Baby (K-Drama)
  • The King: Eternal Monarch (K-Drama)
  • Strangers from Hell (K-Drama)

You’re probably wondering how I’m watching 6 dramas at a time and we’re only halfway into the month. GURL…it’s possible. Now let me give you the rundown on each of these dramas.

Well Intended Love 2

This is the second season for this drama, and honestly… ya girl is underwhelmed. I think this is another case of “should’ve stopped at season one”. The first season was amazing. However, this season just falls short for me. I definitely think that you should go back and watch season 1. I’m not giving up on it though.I’m hoping that the plot picks up in the next episodes.

The plot from season one isn’t continued in this season. The purpose of this continuation is to show what could’ve happened with the cast in an alternate reality. The idea was cute, but the plot is dragging. Maybe it will get better as I continue. I’m currently stuck on the 4th episode (oof).

The plot of season one surrounds our main girl, Xia Lin, an upcoming actress who is suddenly diagnosed with leukemia. She then crosses paths with the typical cold, and blunt main guy, Yi Zhou who is a rich CEO heir and ends up making a marriage pact with him. Throw in some SCANDAL, cute side ships, MORE SCANDAL and revenge. Ya girl was HOOKED!

I can’t really tell ya’ll much about season two. All I can say is that the ships are the same, and I’m still swooning…just need some time to see where the plot is trying to go.

While You Were Sleeping

I know that I’m 3 years late to watching this drama. But as I mentioned in a previous post, before watching Vagabond…I COULD NOT STAND SUZY’S ACTING. So I avoided this drama like the plague. And I literally only started it this month because I’ve recently fallen in love with actor Jung Hae In and have been bingeing anything with him in it that I haven’t already seen. Throw in the fact that Lee Jong Suk is also one of my actor baes (how can you now love that man!!), so I had to watch it.

So far….I’M SHOOK and I wish that I had gotten to this drama back when it was airing. I was reeled in by the first episode. The amount of tragedy…omg. It’s definitely a “grip the edge of your seat” kind of drama.

So basically, Suzy, Jong Suk and Hae In’s characters all have the ability to see the future via their dreams and I’m assuming that the connection between the 3 is that they’ve met before in the past. That’s So Raven vibes for sure. I love that at some points you can’t tell what’s a dream and what’s reality. There’s never a dull moment. The antagonist is so much of a jerk that you can’t help but hate the man’s guts. Amongst all of the drama and action, we also get to swoon. The ship scenes so far have delivered and I’m only 6 episodes. Stay tuned for my review of this drama. I know this one won’t disappoint.

Find Yourself

This is another C-drama that I HIGHLY recommend. Victoria from the K-pop group fx is the main actress. My only problem with this drama (my main problem with most C-dramas) is the amount of episodes. 40 plus episodes is a COMMITMENT! Korean dramas have me spoiled with the 16-20 episode average. And the plot tends to drag when there are 40 episodes. For example, I’m only up to episode 14, and the main ship has gotten together, had relationship problems, the side ship is hardcore shooting his shot….and there’s a whole 75% of the drama left!

All of that aside…GURL… this drama is JUICY! Who doesn’t love a drama about a younger male lead who falls head over heels for an”older” female lead. The chemistry between the two is amazing. Throw in the societal “dating norms” fighting against their relationship, and a side ship who is determined to win her over in the end…you got yourself a drama! And I also love the vital role that the leads’ pets play in the drama. Who doesn’t love EYE CANDY with a side of adorable animals. SIGN ME UP! I’ll keep keep ya’ll posted about my final thoughts on this one when I finally finish it (hopefully before 2021 lol).

And that’s all for now folks. I’ve decided to break this post into 2 parts. Squeezing all 6 dramas into one post will definitely end up turning into a 5 page essay. See ya’ll in the next post!

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